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Photos Phat hat!

Sit back, relax & enjoy some pictures from the business end of my camera...

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       Photos- Social, whimsical, random, et-al.

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How'd you like to get this stuck in your Christmas Tree?  Me, Halloween 1998.


Breckenridge 1999, atop Peak 9 . Woodie at left, Brent center.

<-Woodie - Brent - Joel ->

Breckenridge 1999 - Woodie, Joel, Lori, Brent.

Breck '99

Brent & Lori.

Brent & Lori

Brent & Lori's Wedding August 1998.

Lighters Up!

Ponca City Triathlon 1997 - Traci, Brent, Lori, Joel in a hurry.

Ponca '97

Joel after Buffalo Springs Half Ironman 1998.

Buffalo Springs '98

Lance, Mike, & Joel in front of the house. The first (& usually only) snow of the season in Oklahoma City is usually a pretty big deal. That is if we get snow at all. We decided to celebrate this event back in 1994.


Lance ridicules Mike after getting buried by an Oklahoma  avalanche.

Snowman Mike

We were not very popular with the neighbors, but sometimes it is nice to prove that you can still leave your living room in the front yard overnight without getting looted.  Fall 1996.

We don't need no stinkin' walls! A few hours later...

Sometimes a nap is unwise...

Gulliver, is that you?

Party near the ceiling. Summer 1998.

Blake Joel & Atul

Flight for Sight 1999 (from "The Friday").


Woodie & I atop Mt. Yale (14,196') San Juan Range, CO.

Mt. Yale

Nitro' burnin'... Ryan & myself in front of a tractor-pull trailer somewhere in central MO. June 1997.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!

I can't believe I fell for the "Smell the cake" gag! July 4, 1995.

4th of July FaceCake

Trail riding solo in Crested Butte looking back at Mt. Crested Butte. August 1997.

Crested Butte '97

Cattle Guard- Crested Butte, August 1997.

Cattle Guard

Somewhere in the Wichita Mtns of Southern OK. Summer 1996.


San Juan Range CO. Wetterhorn (left) Matterhorn (right). August 1996.

Lazy Sign

On the couch with my brother Woodie in the San Juans. August 1996. Wetterhorn over my left shoulder.

Mtn. Couch

Brad found it... really! From my college days... in the bathroom at the Sigma Chi house, Westminster College in Fulton, MO.

Brad w/ B-room door

Mike, Ryan, & Joel around Westminster College Graduation 1994.

An early start?

Panama City, FL- Spring Break 1991.        

Panama City '91            

Jungle path near Altun Ha Mayan ruins, Belize. I took this picture while spending June 1992 in Belize.

Low canopy

Wee Wee Kaye, Belize. Looking west toward the mainland. June 1992.

Wee Wee Kaye Pier

Wee Wee Kaye, Belize at dusk. On the pier, the Westminster College contingent. June 1992.


Cheer up, you can pull the sleigh next year. Around Christmas 1997.


P-51 Mustang, Aerospace America 2000, OKC, OK.


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