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     Unnatural Causes of Death     

Here is a partial list of mortal injuries I encountered through  forensic pathology

aircraft versus ground (single-engine)
aircraft versus earth (twin-engine)
asphyxiation (automotive CO- accidental)
asphyxiation- (automotive CO - intraoral garden hose)
asphyxiation (bed sheet)
asphyxiation (domestic CO - accidental)
asphyxiation (farm implement)
asphyxiation (lamp cord)
asphyxiation (rope)
automobile (single vehicle)
automobile (double vehicle)
automobile (triple vehicle)
automobile versus gravity (single vehicle - leaving roadway resulting in fall)
automobile (ejection from moving vehicle-truck bed)
automobile versus tree
automobile (highway crossover)
automobile versus semi
blunt force trauma (cranium versus baseball bat)
blunt force trauma (cranium versus club)
blunt force trauma (cranium versus 12'x4" copper pipe)
chemical ingestion (overdose)
chronic ethylene glycol ingestion (homicide)
crushed (structure collapse)
crushed (mobile garbage compactor)
decapitation (manual)
decapitation (motor vehicle - operator)
gunshot (single)
gunshot (multiple)
helicopter versus earth
human versus human (manual)
impalement (ornamental iron fence)
intraoral gunshot wound (pistol)
intraoral gunshot wound (high-powered rifle)
intraoral gunshot wound (shotgun)
laceration (run over by farm implement)
marine propeller
motorcycle versus tractor trailer
multi-story fall
multiple injuries
multiple penetrative trauma
paraglider operator versus ground (via high tension utility lines)
pedestrian versus automobile
pedestrian versus motorcycle
pedestrian versus tractor trailer
predatory cat (leopard)
pressure (explosion- ground zero)
scissors (intra-cardiac)
shotgun (sub-orbital - point blank)
shotgun (thoracic penetration of riot-control beanbag)
smoke inhalation
train (playing chicken with train)
train (standing)
train (unconscious)
trans-cervical anterior laceration

There are probably more, but the list was modified as I remembered &/or experienced cases.

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